GLD bring the noise with debut EP ‘AU_79’


GLD bring the noise with debut EP ‘AU_79’

Connecticut-based producers GLD aren’t ones for strict genre structure in their productions. Since 2015, the duo have been moving to the beat of their own drum; combining booming 808s, future house basslines, and heavy riffs almost seamlessly. Their SoundCloud is equally parts trap as it is future (see: champagne_, G.O.M.D. refixHigher Ground remix). GLD have displayed an uncanny ability to blur genre lines between tracks and even drops. Indeed, an emphasis on energy level over convention has gained GLD comparisons to the likes of Flosstradamus and Kayzo.

These comparisons really gain merit with the release of GLD’s debut EP on Fool’s Gold Records. AU_79  is a four track showing that really brings together the duo’s rapidly shifting styles. The EP’s first single, crimez_, is headbang inducing from start to end. Increasingly heavy drums build up into filthy drops. In fact, the entire EP feels almost equally metal as it does trap. riotz_, the EPs third track, particularly shines in its ability to induce a spontaneous pit. If AU_79 is merely a taste of what’s to come, expect to see GLD opening pits and flipping cars in your local scene soon.

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