[GIVEAWAY] The Function Presents Downlink and Mark The Beast


[GIVEAWAY] The Function Presents Downlink and Mark The Beast

New York’s got a brand new party and it’s taking place every Friday at Schimanski in Brooklyn. After the recent closure of Webster Hall, the NYC club kids needed a new place to party and Schimanski has proven to be just that place with artists such as Destructo, Habstrakt, and Manila Killa gracing the stage.

This Friday, The Function takes it a step further with the first dubstep show featuring Downlink and Mark the Beast, and of course your residents Alex English, DALI, and Hiyawatha, further solidifying the Girls & Boys presence, the former Friday night party at Webster Hall.

Come join this epic dubstep throw-down – we’re giving away a pair of tickets!


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Friday, September 15 @ 10pm

21+ to enter

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