Gigi Rowe Announces Remix EP for ‘Run The Night’ [Exclusive]


Gigi Rowe Announces Remix EP for ‘Run The Night’ [Exclusive]

Miami-based vocalist Gigi Rowe has had quite the ride over her young career. After releasing her first major single, Run The Night, the track quickly gained momentum in the pop sphere. The music video has already amassed over 100k views since August, and its popularity landed Run The Night a spot on the Just Dance video game franchise. With Rowe’s upbeat vocals carrying the track into mainstream success, electronic producers flocked at the chance to remix it. Now, an official remix EP is in the works, and we have the first single exclusively here at DB.

The first single off the Run The Night Remix EP comes from the mind of Bulgarian producer and sound engineer Pancho. The remix is a house reimagining of Gigi’s pop hit. Deep baselines improve an already rhythmic song, in line with Pancho’s typical production style. Over the last five years, he has both produced multiple genres of house as well as developed methodologies for fellow blind producers to create electronic music. His remix is a welcomed introduction to an EP thats sure to infiltrate dance music’s most popular venues this Spring.