Getting Saucy With Ookay [Interview]


Getting Saucy With Ookay [Interview]


We had an amazing opportunity to witness the likes of Ookay, Victor Niglio, and Team EZY absolutely destroy the sound system at Exchange LA. On top of the incredible performance, Ookay was cool enough to sit down for a talk us before he hit the stage. Ookay expresses key tips of his producing game & how he came to be who he is in this shitabyss we call music industry.

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What was the origin of Ookay?

Around 2012 is when I created Ookay and started to make trap music. I caught the buzz and thought it was really fun, so I began making a lot of remixes and originals, it started to flourish from there.

DB: What synthesizers are you currently using the most?

O: I’m using this in house synth from FL studio called Granulizer. I used it on the Lean On remix as well as the new Galantis remix. I’m also using a lot of Sylenth, Massive, and Serum.

The new video you posted points to some upcoming releases. What’s going down?

I have a new one with Getter, Runaway, How You Like Me Now with the Boon & Ragga Twins, and Don’t Stand Too Close To Me.


Is it lit AF right now?

As we say in Cali, its hella lit.

You just got back from Moonrise festival in Baltimore, how was that?

It was incredible. It was an overflowing tent and no one else could fit. It was awesome.

You just got back from Glasgow too?

Yea! I was in Glasgow, Ibiza and Austria. It was a great impromptu trip with Deorro.

How has releasing through Dim Mak records affected your career?

The support from Steve and the whole staff at Dim Mak has really pushed me and my music. Its great to have that kind of family showcasing my stuff to a broader audience. Its something that I couldn’t have reached by myself.

Anything to expect in the new future.

New EP, a couple new singles and a new track with Getter called Worlds that I’m singing on.


Written by Michal Tyszkiewicz


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