Fool’s Gold Records Delivers “Day Off” & A Whole Lot of Gold in Brooklyn On Labor Day


Fool’s Gold Records Delivers “Day Off” & A Whole Lot of Gold in Brooklyn On Labor Day

Fool’s Gold left its mark on yet another Labor Day with its annual “Day Off” extravaganza. If you missed it, well, dry your tears and read ahead. My anticipation rose as I neared Williamsburg Park from the L train’s lovely Bedford stop but immediately came to a halt when I saw whoa.. line. The General Admission line extended itself to the end of a dead-end block before it folded back up towards the street. Now, I’m no stranger to a Fool’s Gold party but long gone are the days of approaching a Fool’s Gold event and barely waiting five minutes before you’re granted entry. However, we must take the bad with good and the line is as bad as “Day Off” got. Once inside, I realized the ton of fans waiting outside and the ones already inside are simply a reflection of the much deserved success of Fool’s Gold Records’ founders, A-trak and Nick Catchdubs. In New York, these guys stand alone in what they do and to bring people “back to basics” (in a world that’s at war on social media about Kandi bracelets), is no easy task. But if anyone can get it done, A-trak and Catchdubs are the guys and “Day Off” is the party.


As I made my rounds and scoped out the place, I kept in mind my first mission: head to one of the food trucks lined up and get my hands on some tacos (because there really is little else I love in the world). However, this dream fell short because something was going on, on stage with Nick Catchdubs. That something, was B.I.C. The guys’ passion and energy that pretty obviously originates from “The Boogie Down” could be felt from afar and the crowd was feeling it, really feeling it. The guys were putting on a show and towards the end I managed to pull myself from the stage area, this time to grab a Brooklyn. Thankfully I managed to snag one before I was lured back to the stage. This time for the sounds coming from Hoodboi and Falcons‘ back to back set. The guys wasted no time and got the crowd’s energy levels up with sounds to get them dancing. Appropriately so, when Hoodboi threw down his remix of “Jealous,” in turn “Day Off” played its card and Chromeo‘s Dave-1 ran on stage. It seemed as if Hoodboi was just as surprised as the rest of us were as this occurred, but this friends, is what Fool’s Gold is all about. In a split second, everyone standing in line at the food trucks, booze line or just parked on the floor with their friends, recognized the voice of the Funk Lord and quickly made their way towards the stage. (P-Thugg was also in attendance on Monday but instead, took a break from performing to hang out backstage in the freshest of threads.)


The crowd, already spoiled by the surprise was in for much, much more when Remy Ma came on stage. Rap’s princess performed her verse of Terror Squad’s 2004 single, ‘Lean Back’ and dropped a freestyle for the memories before allowing the one and only Cam’ron to take over. Cam’ron was joined by hip-hop’s Just Blaze and Dame Dash and delivered some of his greatest hits. Among them were “I Really Mean It,” “Killa Cam” and of course the “Dipset Anthem” because how couldn’t he? The surprises continued throughout the evening and gracing the sets of Danny Brown Brenmar, The LOX, and araabMUZIK were guests such as the A$AP MOB (yes, including Rocky), Travis Scott, and Makonnen who caused a sing-a-long in the crowd to his hits, “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday” and “I Don’t Sell Molly No More.”


As the evening came close to its end, French Montana was last to perform and approached the stage in all his celebrity: flashing lights and entourage. However, things took a turn when Montana closed out his set by bringing out Bobby Shmurda for the “Schmoney Dance.” The latter of course stole the show and it was all the crowd spoke about as they made their way to the exit.

On behalf of Daily Beat I would like to thank the entire Fool’s Gold team for having us and for being by far the press friendliest event I’ve been to. Also, a big thank you to the Funk Lord himself, Dave-1 for extending his hospitality personally to me on my way out. Until next year!


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