Flume Sets The Record Straight With Four Sold Out Dates In Los Angeles


Flume Sets The Record Straight With Four Sold Out Dates In Los Angeles

I woke up last Saturday absolutely buzzing for the fact I knew I was going to see the Australian sensation Flume in Los Angeles. This was his fourth straight sold out night at one of the best venues in all of Los Angeles The Shrine. Much to my surprise when I checked twitter, I found out that Cashmere Cat would be joining him to set up one epic night of music.

By the time I got to the Shrine HWLS was wrapping his set up and unfortunately I only got to hear the end of his last song, so naturally I was disappointed. But that disappointment was short lived as Cashmere came out and the first notes of Mirror Maru drifted out of the speakers. Playing his most popular song first came to me as shock, however it freed up his set without the anticipation of waiting for it to play for the entirety of his set.

However, the masterful Cat wasted no time in trading the melodic feels he is known for in for straight Jersey Club throw down. It was odd to see such a big artist like Cashmere Cat playing in front of a black curtain without much in terms of lights either, but he proved he didn’t need anything but his music by playing a jam packed set filled with songs from both of his EPs.

By the time Cashmere Cat finished his set the sold out crowd was clamoring for Flume to begin. And while the wait seemed like an eternity as we stared at the black curtain. When the curtain fell and Flume appeared the crowd absolutely lost their collective minds. The first thing that I took notice of was the amazing visual displays that lay in mystery all through the two other DJs’sets. It was a stark contrast as cubes decked out in full LED suspended in full air in front of a massive screen.

With a set that featured new and old music alike Flume put together a musical adventure that flowed beautifully from song to song. In the beginning of the set he got everyone hyped out of the gate with Holding On, and later had everyone getting introspective during Insane. A few songs later he had everyone going insane when he played his remix of Tennis Courts. The best part of the show was the collaboration of the art of Zawhatthe with Flume’s new songs from Skin. The way the flowers moved in response his music as they were distorted by the LED cubes was unreal and amazing piece of art in motion. After an encore he ended the night with his You & Me remix leaving the sold out crowd in awe of the performance he had just put on.

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