First Listen: Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Available 05.13 via iTunes)


First Listen: Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Available 05.13 via iTunes)

I like Porter Robinson. I do. I can’t even hate on the guy. He found a way to make some of the biggest dance tracks in the past few years. ‘Language,’ to this day, is one of my all time favorite tunes. Though, Porter made it clear to his fans and the world that he didn’t want to conform to the ‘EDM’ style forever. He pushes that he loves MUSIC. Not dance music, not EDM, but music.

He shocked the world with “Sea of Voices“, pushing an electronic production with zero dance qualities. Now this isn’t a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with an electronic artist pushing non-dance material. But, his next track, “Sad Machine” shows that he’s trying to continue this trend of huge chords, loud saws, and beautiful vocals.

I like “Sad Machine.” I do. I can’t say it’s a bad track. However, Porter tends to make me feel that his material is the greatest thing since the potato peeler. His hype and passion on Twitter makes me feel that this album is going to be the greatest thing I’ve heard since Ace of Base dropped “The Sign”. He makes us feel that this album will push boundaries and develop new sounds in dance music.

But I don’t see it, and I certainly don’t hear it.

It’s all been done. All this has been done. Admitting he’s had inspiration from the likes of M83 and The M Machine is clear in his music. Most of these tunes have HUGE tonal and musical qualities to them. You can even find countless indie producers who ‘push’ this type of sound. Where as I don’t want to discredit Porter, for he is an incredible producer and still to this day, (one of my favorites) I can’t allow myself to give in and be convinced that Porter is doing something ‘different’. Yeah, he’s making different music that he has before, but this has been done.

Needless to say, Sad Machine is a beautiful tune, with a simplistic catchy drop and includes cool/eery vocaloid generated vocals. I think you’re going to like this. Hell, I know you’re going to like this. But don’t expect anything earth shattering.