Event Review: When In Robe With Plastic Plates and Buku [3.9.14]


Event Review: When In Robe With Plastic Plates and Buku [3.9.14]

Here we go again!! Since Time Out Magazine named When In Robe the number 1 thing to do on Sunday’s in New York, they’ve had a reputation to uphold. With a packed house and even more beer, babes, and inflatable toys, that wasn’t hard to do.


The wet room filled up quickly, as people were hungry to ease their weekend woes away in the hot tub, sauna, and steam room. Speaking of hungry, I still can’t get over the fact that there is FREE FOOD, ALL THE TIME!! Sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and cookies enticed a few buffet lingerers. However, so did the multiple cases of PBR and Rolling Rock that went floating through the dry lounge in the hands of the ever-so-popular Beer Priest. There was more than enough to be poured down the throats of everyone in attendance, as these cases seemed to appear seamlessly out of no where!


Beyond the shenanigans involving the many inflatables, laid a dance floor in front of the DJ decks where our resident robe, Subset began the night and Plastic Plates and BUKU followed closely with their decompressing deep house tunes. Setting a relaxing mood with their beats doesn’t always mean that craziness will not ensue. I saw a whale and a giraffe being humped but, don’t worry, no blow-up animals were harmed in the making of this party.


Upon my departure, the POPO popped in for a visit. Yes sirs, we realize it’s 2:30 am on a Sunday night but are you aware of the social stature of this gig? TIME OUT MAG! Jeez! A simple noise complaint brought Subset’s closing round to a halt. Fortunately, we’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the party now ends at 2am. YOU CAN’T STOP US!

See the full album here.

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