Event Review: Morgan Page Takeover @ Avalon Hollywood


Event Review: Morgan Page Takeover @ Avalon Hollywood

It’s been a wild weekend for Avalon, having 2 sold out shows in a row for LA’s own Morgan Page. Even with the rain, here wasn’t one drop in the sky that would deter these fans from missing such an energetic show. We rolled up to the club around 10 o’clock with high expectations, and boy were we far from disappointed. After interviewing Morgan, we managed to catch the end of Richard Beynon’s ecstatic set, which could not have been a better opener for Page.
Upon entry of the venue on the 2nd night, we were shocked to see how packed it was so early into the night. These show goers were not wasting any time getting hyped for the epic show that was so flawlessly executed by Beynon. I overheard our photographer saying that Beynon would not stop moving to the beat as he threw down a crazy progressive house set, including his song Close To You and his remix of smash hit Clarity by Zedd and Foxes. I couldn’t help but bob my head and join in with the energized crowd as the raging was getting more and more intense. It felt like the temperature increased immensely with the amount of movement that was happening on the floor. I felt the sweat dripping down my face as the BPM kept a steady but uplifting and inspiring pace. The vibe we got from the crowd was everything we hoped for in an EDM show.
After asking the crowd 3 times if they were ready for Morgan, I could feel the energy in the club about to go through the roof. I noticed Morgan’s head poking ever so slightly behind the stage after Beynon walked off, and I turned to our photographer and yelled, “it’s about to go down.” What followed was nothing short of bliss, as Page brought the fire when he dropped Audien’s remix of Pompeii by Bastille. Any song he dropped with vocals, the crowd would sing along like they had wrote it themselves. One of the most moving tracks of the night by far was Against The World. Every effect and transition had the audience moving in sequence, as if they were in a state of trance. It was like no show I have ever attended before.
As we left the club, we had to pick up our jaws off the floor from the amount of awesomeness that we witnessed. It was definitely a night for the books, all thanks to the performers. It was a tough show to miss, and it will take a lot to top the experience that was Morgan Page’s Takeover at Avalon Hollywood.

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