Equanimous Flies High With Hummingbird


Equanimous Flies High With Hummingbird

If you’re like me, you were a big fan of Nate Stein’s previous otherworldly electronic project, N8-ST9. If so, get excited because the artist is back with new music, this time under the moniker Equanimous. His most recent work, a tune titled “Hummingbird” featuring sublime vocals from Cyndy Fike blends tribal and modern music elements to create an organic dance atmosphere marked by both acoustic and electronic drums.

Fike provides high flying vocals that dance throughout the track like a hummingbird in the air. Nestled between her masterful melodies are enlightening drum interludes defined by Stein’s acoustic djembre stylings. The magic, new age mood created by the piece reminds me of the uplifting atmosphere of new age music festivals.

Seeing as Equanimous has worked closely alongside artists such as Clozee and Drew from The Chainsmokers I think we can expect this guy to be making it big any day now. So check out his debut single here and get ready to enjoy its unique energy.

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