EMBRZ x Bring Me The Horizon – Drown


EMBRZ x Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

In light of Saint Patrick’s Day, it is only proper we share a gem from Dublin-based producer EMBRZ. His latest single is a remix of Drown by post-hardcore icons Bring Me The Horizon. The track is a personal favorite of mine from years ago, and EMBRZ mellow remix still captures the very rhythmic vibe of the original. I personally dig the use of vocalist Ollie Syke’s somber vocals on a more chill, down-tempo instrumental. When asked about the track, EMBRZ expressed interest in paying homage to an anthem from his adolescence:

‘I wanted to revisit my old music-making roots, and sample some of my favourite tracks. I decided to go with ‘Drown’, a really special track by Bring Me The Horizon. My intention was to build my own sound around some of the hooks in the original. Really pleased with how it turned out. Rather than this being a remix or an edit, I like to think of this as a homage to the original. I’ve actually sampled 3 different versions of the track. You can hear parts of the original, an acoustic version, and a cover I discovered’
You can listen to the track here at Daily Bear or via SoundCloud.

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