So Many Activities at Elements Lakewood!


So Many Activities at Elements Lakewood!

So much to do and so little time at Elements Lakewood Festival. Don’t miss all the exciting activities on the schedule for the weekend besides great music! Elements Festival is a music and arts festival, after all.

Summer Camp Activities

Bringing back some classics in the lake with canoes and kayaking and if you are looking for land activities check out assisted rock climbing, golf, zip lining volleyball, basketball and more. Have you ever wanted to do a firewalk? Now is your chance! Elements Festival has provided hot coals just for you to test your bravery. Lucky for you, you are joined by the best camp counselor Rawb Lane known as the “Funtender” and his special events that include sunset flow arts and the famous Vinyl record hut with special prizes.

Wellness Activities

If you are looking for activities that will speak to your body, mind, and soul check out the wellness activities held daily! Yoga is abundant at elements both for you and a partner or alone. Get creative with Resonate a Femme-Focused Production Workshop with Beat Kitty or at Drink and Draw hosted by the Graham Bar. You can beautify your look at Party Braids 101 with the Goddess Maker or Sustainable Fashion for Unicorns by Vibe Tribe. Finally, don’t forget to connect deeply with yourself and others during the Opening Ceremony Silent Disco Meditation Session with Sputnik Yoga +Seer and Sage.

Interactive and Immersive Art

The coolest thing at Elements Festival is the Art. There are so many exciting opportunities to see art, décor, and installations. Dancers from the House of Yes will keep the crowd entertained at the lakeside dance floor and don’t miss the Heavy Metal Dragon: a fire- breathing dragon art car that is a spectacle in itself. The forest is art heavy for late night partygoers and has a black light area for cuddle puddles that you will love. Finally, do attend the interactive group at a show by the local Wayne Country Arts Alliance.

Can’t wait to see you at Elements Festival! Purchase your ticket here.

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