Douchka – This Mood (feat. Hi Levelz)


Douchka – This Mood (feat. Hi Levelz)

Over the years France has pumped out some of the world’s most iconic electronic musicians. The nation sports a roster featuring the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Justice and Madeon; and an ever growing group of independent producers only adds to the country’s clout. Artists such as Everydayz, Phazz, & LeMarquis make this scene so enjoyable, and one producer who is currently rising in the ranks to meet them is Douchka.

This guy has been dropping fantastic future beats for the past three years that have entranced my ears with their succulent synth stylings. His latest track, titled “This Mood,” delivers a delightful forward-thinking electronic beat layered with a feel-good, nostalgic rap flow from Hi-Levelz. Douchka’s driving production and Hi-Levelz soulful spitting make for quite the interesting crossover between the electronic and hip-hop genres. If you’re a fan of either form I bet you’ll find “This Mood” to your liking. Press play and let these future vibes flood your ears.

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