Dombresky – Utopia


Dombresky – Utopia

The artists under the Confession label have been dropping eclectic tracks for almost a year now, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down. From Malaa to Tchami to Brohug, the label puts on a dark, house persona, which is embodied in the producers’ works. The anonymity of some of the producers within the label runs deep, and it would only be appropriate to have another incognito artist release music through Confessions. This specific artist has been around for also about a year, has worked with Confessions before, and had his debut at this year’s HARD Summer. This artist is no one other than Dombresky.

Dombresky’s new track, Utopia, puts a fresh take on the Confession label’s powerful house sound. The vocal chops within the song are the essential elements that provide a unique bounce, while the rhythmic bass and clean drums allow the song to flow smoothly throughout. Dombresky displays his skill of transitioning seamlessly from low-energy build-ups and breaks, with ephemeral vocal tracks and vocal chops, to high-energy drops with clean high-hats and elemental, heavy bass. Make sure to keep tabs on Dombresky; I know that he has more in store for us than we could ever imagine.

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