The Return of Original Electronic Music in Korea


The Return of Original Electronic Music in Korea

DJ Koo, a producer/DJ out of Seoul, South Korea is well-known amongst anyone in Korea who is a fan of electronic music as well as pop music. In the rise of K-Pop in the 90’s, the duo group Clon (DJ Koo & Kang Won Rae) are widely credited for being the pioneers of electronic dance music in Korea. Their catchy lyrics and hard bass made it easy for people to imitate their dance moves and fist pump along to the widely popular tunes. Tragically, their career was halted when Koo’s bandmate was paralyzed from the waist down from a motorcycle accident. Koo has since been producing and DJ-ing on his own, headlining many festivals and playing at some of the biggest nightclubs around South Korea as well as the world. After 20 years, the duo finally got back together and are back to doing what many have been waiting for. Check out a clip of their comeback process below.