DJ @ Dreamhack Completely Murders Crowd


DJ @ Dreamhack Completely Murders Crowd

Simon Hällström, a DJ from EDM-rich country of Sweden, wowed an audience of thousands at Dreamhack. Simon, known for his incredible hardstyle beats, approached the stage in one of the most unconventional ways; with just a laptop.

No headphones. No turntables. No Mic. No Mixer. Just a Laptop.

But don’t feel fooled, Mr. Hällström put on one of the best 4 minute sets I have personally ever seen. On par with sets I’ve heard from David Guetta and Paris Hilton; his range of range of songs by Frontliner and Da Tweekaz impressed electronic-music-loving crowd. Not only was his set immensely high energy, you could see it in his body movement that Simon was on the top of the world. He led the crowd with exciting hand gestures and even hopped around the stage a bit. At one point, Simon even left his DJ workstation and opened up what appeared to be a plastic bag filled with glitter and began to throw it out into the crowd; glitter bombing everyone. He eventually had enough and simply threw the bag out with all remaining contents.

Simon later went to facebook and wrote “I AM NOT A DJ JUST DID IT FOR FUN”. His animated messaged recieved him 1 like, and no comments. I appears his fans knew he was bluffing.


The YouTube video has been viewed over 150,000 times; and I don’t blame people for constantly watching it. It is one of the greatest achievements in DJing today. Simon, not only is an icon, but a role model for DJs across the world. Everyone wishes they had the opportunity that Simon had. Let his performance be a template of how a REAL DJ should perform.

And we know you care about the track list so here it is:

0:00 Da Tweekaz – Become
0:26 cuts to Audiofreq – Lose Control 2.0 (ALX-Sharty vs Escaflown Remix)
3:35 Frontliner – For the people
4:35 Frontliner – Keep it up

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