DJ Chuckie – Party Starter


DJ Chuckie – Party Starter

Dirty Dutch Music has been booming with up-and-coming artists on its Soundcloud. This label invites artists to send in their demos, giving them the chance to take a large step in the direction to their success. However, let’s talk about the king of the Dirty Dutch Movement, and appreciate the work that he has recently put into a new song.

DJ Chuckie, the one and only leader of the Dirty Dutch movement, recently dropped a strategically titled track called Party Starter. This song is reminiscent of what the Dirty Dutch sound is known for: high-pitched synths over a rhythmic beat. The song is a perfect combination of excitement and steadiness. You can listen to this while on a run, or in a club surrounded sweaty bodies and beaming strobe lights. Whatever your environment of choice, you will probably wild out.

Keep up with DJ Chuckie and all the dirty and funky beats that Dirty Dutch Music has to offer to the music world…I know I will.

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