Dirty Audio Drops Tribute to His Hometown Roots “West Coast” Ft. Karra


Dirty Audio Drops Tribute to His Hometown Roots “West Coast” Ft. Karra

Like a true homeboy, Los Angeles local Dirty Audio represents with his latest single “West Coast” featuring Karra. The rising star, who has previously had high profile releases on Panda Funk, Monster Cat, and Mad Decent keeps his forward momentum in 2019 with his latest release, this time on Thrive Music.


Dirty Audio describes his sound as “not for the faint of heart” and after one listen to “West Coast”, it’s easy to see why. The track combines the sweet saccharine vocal styling of Karra with Dirty Audio’s bombastic in your face breakdowns. It’s a dynamic that’s done often but it’s rare to hear it executed so gracefully.

To say this song has momentum throughout its entire run time might be selling it short. The tight 3 minute runtime means the track never outstays its welcome, and will have you searching for the repeat button on your device of preference. Smart songwriting 101: we want good songs, not long songs.

It must be said, that although there is nothing really going on lyrically speaking the melodies are all very nicely selected. The mantra of this song “we can keep it west coast” has been repeated enough, and has been put in the right places to give you something to shout along to at festivals.

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