“Dimensions” with Focus Fire and Similar Outskirts


“Dimensions” with Focus Fire and Similar Outskirts

Focus Fire is back again, his talents this time tied to another fitting collaborator, the solo artist Similar Outskirts. The tune titled “Dimensions” burst at the seems with colorful and vivid bass, its influence coming from multiple places and the experience playing out like chapters from a story – yet all instrumental moments. Focus Fire has begun his year with recognizable and proper momentum, from selling out an event in the states to signing music to Martin Garrix’s label STMPED RCRDS late last year, the act has mutiple examples of substance, consistency, and industry recognition like few bass artists do. Having participated in the dance music scene since 2012, Similar Outskirt’s experience shines through his tracks – his music having been signed to and supported by labels like Dreamscape and Rushdown. His discography is extensive and entertaining, painting a story of how he’s come to acclaim nearly 1 million plays across streaming channels.