Dillon Francis is Dropping Straight FIRE on his New Mixtape


Dillon Francis is Dropping Straight FIRE on his New Mixtape

Mark your calendars and set a reminder, cause this sh*t is fire! On August 14th, Dillon Francis will be releasing his forthcoming EP This Mixtape is Fire. DF teamed up with some major mofos this time around, bringing you collabs with Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Chromeo and Bro Safari. He’s even got a Party Favor remix of “I can’t take it” hiding in there! This Mixtape is Fire promises to bring Dillon back to his roots and show you all the moombahton monster he really is. This is fantastic news following the release of Dillon’s music video for “Not Butter” last week, which if you haven’t seen it (dafuq is wrong with you?!) check it out here.

Dillon Francis - Not Butter.00_04_19_09.Still001

For those of you who are getting buttery at the thought of this fire mixtape, you can pre-order This Mixtape is Fire HERE. As an added bonus, those who pre-order will unlock an instant download of the EP’s first track, “Bruk Bruk (I Need Yo Lovin’)” which you can check out here. Another perk of pre-ordering that new tracks from the EP will be unlocked as instant downloads in the weeks leading up to the release, so get on it! I know the anticipation is killing you, so here’s the track list to help make it worse.


  1. Dillon Francis – “Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)”
  2. Dillon Francis and Calvin Harris – “What’s Your Name”
  3. Dillon Francis and Skrillex – “Bun Up the Dance”
  4. Dillon Francis and Bro Safari – “Pull It”
  5. Dillon Francis feat. James Hersey – “Coming Over”
  6. Dillon Francis feat Chromeo – “Lies”
  7. Dillon Francis – “I Can’t Take It (Party Favor Remix)”



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