Dillon Francis Exposed, “Yeah, I Was At Chipotle.”


Dillon Francis Exposed, “Yeah, I Was At Chipotle.”

Dillon Francis, known for his love of Taco Bell, adorable cats in outer space, and having an alter-ego that has an infatuation for deep house, caused a bit of a controversy on social networks and was called out after ‘instagramming/tweeting’ a photo of a few tacos he was eating that included the description, “Boy do I love Taco Bell”.

We’ve obtained a screenshot of this controversial post:

dillon tacos

Twitter followers were quick to express their disinterest in Dillon’s post. One user wrote, “TAHTS NOTT TACOBELL!!!”. Another, “For shame Dillon, For shame.”, “Dillon, we can see the Chipotle wrapper! You fraud!!!1!111!!!”, and finally another posted a photo of what appeared to be a cute Chihuahua crying.

The following hashtags were trending earlier this week: #fuckdillonfrancis #tacobellfraud #catscantliveinspace #110bpmsucks

Dillon was not immediately available to defend his statement, but after a few days and 3000 retweets, he told Daily Beat the following:


“Ok. I f*cked up. It wasn’t Taco Bell. Yeah, I was at Chipotle. So what? This is America. I’ll do what I want. They make better tacos anyway. Am I embarrassed? Kinda. Do I care? Nope. Taco Bell gives me the squirts. Turn down for what?”

~Dillon Francis

Taco Bell, who invited Dillon to their headquarters last month, immediately posted the following on Facebook:

tacobell fb

#Humor #Satire