Kick Off Desert Hearts 2018 With Our Top 10 Tracks From Their Lineup


Kick Off Desert Hearts 2018 With Our Top 10 Tracks From Their Lineup

It is April and the frenzy of excitement for Desert Hearts 2018 is beginning to kick in. If you haven’t already seen it, they recently announced their deep-studded lineup for 2018 and we are beyond excited to catch some new and familiar faces at the festival.

One thing that we love about Desert Hearts is how it hosts only one stage with a strict no-renegade policy. This means that whoever has the decks is curating the vibe throughout the entire festival. Nonetheless they’ve chosen an extremely eclectic array of DJs from different realms of house music and we wanted to share some tracks to get you excited for the weekend!

View full lineup here.

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1. Clype P – Zangief

Clyde P caught our attention in 2014 with an EP off of Amine Edge & Dance‘s CUFF label. He had been at the forefront of G-House for awhile now but recently began turning to the dark side with a more deeper defined sound. This track dropped last year on Desert Hearts Records.



2. Kevin Anderson & Ghostea – Feel This

Kevin Anderson is a DH favorite having spun the festival many times. He releases with their crew as well as with Room Temp Recs and has an impressive catalogue of deep twisted house tracks. Here’s another one on Desert Hearts Records by himself and Ghostea.


3. Worthy – Keep Me Up

Worthy is an OG Dirtybird founder and easily one of our favorites of the bunch. He gets deep, dirty, and dark with every track. His label Anabatic Records is standing 11 years strong with an amazing discography of tracks in the ghetto house realm. We have no doubt that Desert Hearts will be a huge one for him.


4. Audiojack & Kevin Knapp – Vibrate

Never will we ever forget the first time we heard this track at Desert Hearts. Porky was slaying it on Saturday night when he dropped this absolute banger for the floor. Kevin Knapp is thankfully coming to DH to bring his collection of surreal tech house and we couldn’t be more excited.

5. Harvard Bass & Shaded – Time Wasting (Kenny Glasgow Remix)

Kenny Glasgow is best known for Art Department, the duo that took the house scene by storm over the last decade. He recently left the project to work solo and his tracks have been an indicator that he is nowhere near finished.



6. RYBO, Lubelski, Anabel Englund – Just for the High

Both RYBO, Lubelski, and Anabel Englund are all on the lineup this year and we are beyond excited to catch their performances. RYBO and Lubelski are DH favorites with several label releases from the crew as well as some on Room Temperature. Anabel Englund is known for her vocal work with the group Hot Natured and we’re excited to witness her performing a live set at DH.


7. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Five Moons (feat. Chela)

Damian Lazarus is perhaps the most anticipated act the weekend. His record label Crosstown Rebels is one of the most influential cutting edge labels in the world of melodic techno and his performances are highly acclaimed as legendary. Why else would they be giving him a 4-hour set?



8. Jamie Jones & Nathan Barato – Cherry’s Revenge

Nathan Barato has a reputation for throwing down dirty mind melting sets and from the sound of his music its clear that this one will be definitely out of the ordinary. His tracks on Hot Creations as well as this collaboration with Jamie Jones on HotTrax are pure cosmic house gold.

9. Option4 – Lifeline

Option4 is a well respected producer with tracks on Ninja Tune and Club Sweat. His ghetto dance rhythms combine elements of old-school and tribal house to deliver fierce hypnotic recordings. This will be our first time catching him and we couldn’t be more excited.

10. Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt

Egyptian Lover is nothing short of a legend to house music. I grew up listening to his freestyle 808 heavy tracks being as my parents are from the 80’s club generation. This guy put a face to the break dancing explosion of that era and he has recently gone on to perform his unique style of dirty break beat house full of all the analog quirks you would expect of someone from that generation.



We hope this list gets you as pumped as we are! We’ll be rolling out more info and news as it is announced so stay tunes and we’ll see you on the floor!

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