Deadmau5 Unveils Cube 2.1 for his Upcoming Tour


Deadmau5 Unveils Cube 2.1 for his Upcoming Tour

With an already successful and well crafted release, deadmau5’s sixth studio album W:/2016ALBUM/ has just topped the Billboard dance/electronic chart. With that, there is no doubt about it when we say that we were even more excited for the announcement of Joel Zimmerman’s upcoming tour. Lots of shows in a row has already sold out multiple stops, and they even added extra nights of the show in some cities! When it’s been 7 years since deadmau5 last toured the United States solo, it only makes sense to see this much hype surrounding it.

As if we weren’t already preparing ourselves for the amazing show that is to come, deadmau5 revealed the final product for the upgraded version of the famed Cube setup, “Cube 2.1.” Feast your eyes on its glorious structural beauty…

Tickets are still available to see this amazing work of art in person, so don’t miss out! If you gotta do a road trip, it will be worth all the effort. Check out the stops and cop your tickets here.


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