Deadmau5: The Final Twitter Feud


Deadmau5: The Final Twitter Feud

Deadmau5 initiated his final Twitter feud with electronic music’s least favorite pop artist, Justin Bieber, this weekend. The quarrel reportedly escalated beyond Twitter, and culminated with Bieber allegedly running over, and killing the beloved Deadmau5. As if that wasn’t enough, the car that ultimately caused his untimely death, was the mau5’s own Ferrari 458 Spider.

Joel Zimmerman, better known to most as award winning progressive-house producer, Deadmau5, is notorious for his vulgar, yet hysterical feuds on Twitter with many fellow celebrities. This altercation followed the arrest of Lil Za, a guest in tween-famous Justin Bieber’s Ontario home. Za was arrested on January 14th on drug possession charges during a raid on Bieber’s home for an unrelated incident, after which Bieber reportedly invited the felon back to stay.


In typical Deadmau5 fashion, Joel tweeted:



Justin Bieber replied with a lame, pre-teen level comeback, which further stoked Zimmerman’s perfectly witty rants. One of the last tweets on Bieber’s account that day read:


Apparently Bieber wasn’t bluffing. According to police reports and eyewitnesses, the diva was so overcome with anger (which has been speculated as a side-effect of both the cocaine and steroid use) that he drove to the infamous Deadmau5 studio in Ontario and began harassing Joel from the comfort of his car. Only after Joel began laughing and returning to his live stream did Bieber jump from the car. He then proceeded to punch the idolized mau5 in the head, causing him to lose his balance and subsequently hit his head on the side mirror of his revered Ferrari. A 911 call recorded the hot-headed teen screaming “the Mau5 is dead!”, and “Mau5 trapped, bitch!” as he proceeded to run over the artist in his now stolen sports car.

Joel was pronounced dead at the scene, and JB was nowhere to be found. Police reports state that upon searching the extensive studio, traces of cocaine, semen, and graffiti were left behind. The graffiti included x’s over every set of mau5 eyes in the studio, followed by a caption, including “J Belieber he’s dead,” and ” JB laid the trap for a Dead Mau5 muahaha”. Most would gather that this evidence leaves no speculation as to who the perpetrator is, despite the suspect insisting his innocence.

Justin Bieber was officially arrested and charged with drug possession, excessive drug use, second degree murder, and not wearing a shirt, to which he has plead not guilty. He also claims to have an alibi of “hanging out with ‘Za'” at that time, although court records show Lil Za was in the middle of a hearing during the incident. Bieber was unavailable for questioning.

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