Dance Music & Hollywood Collide at TriBeCa Film Festival


Dance Music & Hollywood Collide at TriBeCa Film Festival

Dance music is steadily making its way into the film world and it couldn’t be more apparent with the events that transpired this past week during TriBeCa Film Festival.

A big step for dance music & film was headed by Steve Aoki and his documentary, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” which premiered April 15th as part of the festival. Although Aoki states, “This isn’t an EDM documentary,” it follows his life as an EDM artist, plucking the chords of his past and exposing the ins and outs of a famous DJ’s life – from starting a record label to becoming one of the world’s most well-known DJs.

Not only that but this past Saturday, fresh-faced DJ / producer / model, Callie Reiff DJ’d at one of NYC’s most famous venues, The Box. At this festival after-party, James Franco celebrated his film debut, “King Cobra, with Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald, Garrett Clayton, Alicia Silverstone and other celebrity socialites. Callie expertly controlled the party’s vibe with her musical selections and commanded the room with her presence. The event was sponsored by THE EIGHTH, a high end mens underwear line.

Many great strides were made for dance music during TriBeCa Film Festival and Callie continues to push forward starting with her next show on May 7 with Feed Me and her release out May 9th on Fools Gold Records, “Wobble” with Dapp.


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