Daily Beat Exclusive: Basshunter


Daily Beat Exclusive: Basshunter

On July 18th, the Swedish singer-songwriter and producer/DJ legend Jonas Erik Altberg, otherwise known as Basshunter, stopped by the city of Philadelphia to kick off his US Release Tour for his album “Calling Time”. Before he continued on to Starlight Ballroom to perform a SOLD-OUT show (makes sense, the man has been loved for years and has returned from a three-year hiatus. Everyone was anxious to hear what his new stuff was like!), we had the opportunity to catch an exclusive interview with him at the hotel. This is what we talked about…

After we wrapped on the interview, we made our way over to the venue to prepare for the evening’s festivities. We arrived a little later than we had anticipated, so our stress level was high. Thankfully, we received the full treatment as press when we arrived (big thanks to Contrast Unltd!) and headed straight for backstage. I have to say, for being out of the current musical game for a few years, Basshunter sounded and acted like he had never stopped running it. The whole venue was full of energy, and the atmosphere of the entire evening was nothing but positive. On his management’s request, we shot an after movie as well. This is what we filmed…

Although it has been a few years since we have seen Basshunter on the scene of a quickly evolving electronic spectrum, it is safe to say that he has not lost his passion or his talent. Lighting up the stage and the dancefloor, he truly exudes what is most important in this industry: the love of the music and the love for the fans. His album is quite the testament to this as well, so be sure to grab it however you can! Until next time!

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