CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT – Shaman Balagan


CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT – Shaman Balagan

Techno music has been my bread and butter this summer. From artists such as deadmou5 to Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, my playlists have been bumping non-stop syncopated rhythms. With all this bass I’ve nearly perfected the art of nonchalant head nodding these past few months. One recent gem I’ve found in the rough of the techno underground is Tel Aviv’s CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT.

Although the artist is still relatively undiscovered, he has been pumping out genre expanding tunes over the past 5 months. His most recent piece, “Shaman Balagan,” is an alien adventure into a mysterious dimension of science fiction. Sporadic synths and dissonant notes combine on top of a driving beat that promises to have you lost in space. Check this one out here and get your groove on!

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