Conrank ~ ‘Covered in Roses’ Remix Premiere


Conrank ~ ‘Covered in Roses’ Remix Premiere

Alright everyone, gather around & listen up. Here at Daily Beat, we make it a top priority to keep your summer playlist full of the freshest tunes incase you get handed the aux cord. So this week I give you, the premiere of Mark The Beast’s “Covered in Roses”, the Conrank remix. A tasty little tune with soft, yearning vocals ever so elegantly intertwined with a smooth yet daunting melody. This is one of 4 tracks on a remix EP released just this morning on Circus Records. After heavy analyzation of the 4 (all of which rocked, and sorry to my neighbors!), my top was for sure the Conrank remix.



This UK-born and bred DJ and producer has quickly established himself as one of bass music’s most innovative voices. After spending years as a globe-trotting musician, including an 8 year residency in Shanghai, Conrank settled into his new home base in Los Angeles, CA in early 2017. In just a few short years, Conrank has swiftly earned the reputation of tearing down any dancefloor he plays to, without exception; bringing his melodic yet frenetic brand of dubstep, grime, and drum n’ bass to stages all across the world.


Now take this tune and go explore. Find more new music, discover new artists. Variety is the spice of life my friends, do not forget. And most of all, go confidently and take that aux cord knowing you’ve been armed with the freshest. Keep those eardrums opens people, and enjoy the sun.


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