Claude Vonstroke Definitely Works Well With Others


Claude Vonstroke Definitely Works Well With Others

What an amazing year it’s been for Detroit native and San Francisco transplant Barclay Crenshaw. Between releasing a self-titled Hip-Hop album, to nonstop touring under his own name, his even more famous moniker Claude Vonstroke, and releasing a string of magnificent tracks like “The Rain Break” and “Barrump,” Barclay has had a busy year.

He was also recently voted American DJ of the Year by Pioneer and DJ Times, edging out legends like Kaskade and Bassnectar. If that wasn’t a testament to his legendary status, his record label Dirtybird just got voted “Label of the Decade” by Mixmag…that’s right, you read it correctly…LABEL OF THE DECADE.

So for Dirtybird’s latest release, Works Well With Others, Claude teamed up with veteran producer and label mate Will Clarke to bring us “Tiny Tambourine.” Let me tell you there’s nothing tiny about this track: It starts off with a dark, evil frog like bass line and a vocal sample “shake that tiny tambourine” marks the beginning of a tambourine hit on the off beat. 1 minute into the track we start to hear a bleepy Will Clarke’s laser bringing us to a monstrous build up. Just when you think the tension is to much they bring us back to earth with “shake that tiny tambourine” followed by that ominous animal like bass line again. You can really hear Clarke’s producing prowess shining through on the builds and bass line. Vonstroke’s and Clarke’s production styles really compliment each other and you can’t help but to grove out. I’m sure this will be an absolute dance floor killer!

The second track on the EP is a collab with the mysterious Sébastien V called “Daylight Dark Room.” The track’s distorted hi hats in the beginning, set the mood for melodic chords that permeate your ear holes later on. Midway through it drops into some dark and funky 303 acid synths. After listening to this track all the way through it has me wondering who is Sébastien V? He dropped the banger “Funkulate” on the recent Dirtybird BBQ Compilation. Rumors are flying around that he’s an alter ego of a Dirtybird mainstay. I hope to hear more from this enigma producer.

“Plays Well With Others” is a great marker for what’s to come from this prodigious label. It will keep you satiated through the long wait till the Dirtybird Campout! I’d highly recommend a listen!

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