Claude VonStroke Becomes Even More Lovable with Mini-Series, The Stroke Show


Claude VonStroke Becomes Even More Lovable with Mini-Series, The Stroke Show

We really didn’t need another reason to love Claude VonStroke. He is the owner of the ever-growing and successful label, DIRTYBIRD, an extremely talented producer, and best of all, a true lover of fun and his fans. VonStroke doesn’t take himself too seriously – despite his massive accomplishments as a DJ – and exudes a zest for life that spills over the DJ booth and into the crowd. Dubbed the “bass dad” by adoring fans, VonStroke found yet another way to entertain us by way of a talk-show style mini-series, with new episodes every week, and more reasons to admire this quirky man.

Episode One of The Stroke Show aired this Monday, and it delivered on expressing VonStroke’s eccentric mannerisms. We follow VonStroke on Holy Ship!, through various wardrobe changes and a hilarious bit interviewing Holy Ship! attendees in an elevator at five in the morning. Fans get a glimpse into the relationship between the DJ and his assistant, and it’s endearing to say the least. The Stroke Show also boasts some hilarious editing and a vintage-inspired cable show feel, and there is absolutely no shortage of laughter.

In this age of social media and hyper-sharing, not only do fans expect a product, but they also want insight into the lives of these infamous DJs: to feel like we know them outside of music production. Some artists prefer to remain mysterious and aloof, which, in my opinion, is an insight to personality all in its own. ZHU, for example, puts the focus on his music; you would be hard-pressed to recognize him on the street. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Dillon Francis, who loves sharing “day in the life” content, contributing to an overall brand. Regardless, I think however artists decide to go about revealing their lives, it needs to be authentic. The Stroke Show accomplishes just that and it feels very genuine. It’s not flashy, but it’s pure. It’s hard to tell whether it’s more fun for us or for VonStroke himself!

Watch Episode One here and tune in every week for more.

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