‘Fantast’ ~ Claptone’s Sophomore Album


‘Fantast’ ~ Claptone’s Sophomore Album

Claptone is quite the maestro in this realm of modern music. He’s painted as a mythical character and shrouded in mystery. Claptone has become one of the biggest names in electronic music, all the while, he & his identity remain in the shadows. Regardless, the man has constantly sought to deepen his own distinctive world, & by doing so, he has created a rich tapestry that tells the Claptone story.

In his sophomore album Fantast, Claptone dives his deepest yet & reaches for his most vivid of emotions. This time, he is the master of this domain. This is by far his most artful offering yet. The assured 13 tracks of Fantast come together to create an album full of varied colours and atmospheric textures.

The third track of the album, ‘Under the Moon’, features the vocals of Nathan Nicholson. Those vocals, paired with Claptone’s hypnotic melodies & seductive bass, make for an exquisitely executed & heartfelt ballad.

In Fantast, I feel that Claptone really delves deeper into the art of songwriting. 2018 will see an intense year of touring with the masked & mysterious Claptone. He’ll be taking his immersive ‘The Masquerade’ event experience further with the momentum he has built up from the last 20 months of hosting events and stages in destinations such as Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Barcelona and New York. Not to mention at festivals such as Tomorrowland, Melt Festival, Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza, & Green Valley in Brazil.

Personally, I have been anticipating this album for quite some time. I love it immensely & I want to share it with all of you. You have your choice of provider, just follow the links and listen. Click here for all that you will need.

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