Christine Drops Atom From Heart LP [Uprise Music]


Christine Drops Atom From Heart LP [Uprise Music]

Christine is a French duo who are best known for their signature dark wave/synth wave sound. They’ve released music on Mouton Noir Records since 2010 and recently on Uprise Music as well. Christine has made a name for themselves remixing bands such as ‘Goblin’, ‘Flashdance’, ‘Waxdolls’ and ‘The Names’ as well electronic artists such as ‘Boys Noize’ and ‘Atari Teenage Riot’. They’ve even remixed John Carpenter ’s ‘Escape From NY’. Christine’s debut EP, Ecstatic Sole was an immense success, acquiring them a lot of notoriety in the electronic music scene. Their first ever album, ‘Atom From Heart’, was put out recently via Uprise Music back in February.

Atom From Heart is the perfect choice for a debut album. This collection of dark wave anthems includes five distinct tunes that push the boundaries of songwriting within electronic music.

The first song on the record is ‘Atom From Heart’. Atom From Heart immediately sets the tone for the EP. Christine craftily uses dark eerie atmospheric elements and inundated bass sounds to propel the listener onto a grisly journey. ‘Maniac‘, ‘Error 21B‘, ‘Break A Leg‘, “Loose“, “Lipstick” and ‘Howling Wave‘ are all the other instrumental tunes on the record that embrace an aggressive dark wave chord, melody, and bass technique.

Christine’s influences throughout the album are widespread taking bits from more older styles of European electro music. We can definitely hear some Boys Noize flavors on their aggressive over the top bass lines, whereas their melodic ideas follow more French sounding artists such as Daft Punk. Christine masterfully compliments that style with their signature ostinato string melodies and rhythms. “Drama (ft. T La Rock), Over the Top, and “Lost Generations” are the vocal tunes on the record. Drama and Over the Top make perfect use of funky french house basses to get the listener in a groove while Lost Generations offers somewhat of a more reticent melancholic feel.

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