Chaleeda Knows “Growing Up Sucks”


Chaleeda Knows “Growing Up Sucks”

Chaleeda is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a big voice and a beautiful message. Recently, I stumbled upon her music video for her latest single, “Growing Up Sucks,” and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The production leading up to the first chorus is nothing short of powerful, with goose-bump inducing vocals and entrancingly heavy percussion.

As the first chorus hits the tension is released, only to build again with impressive, vibing synths contrasted by subtle melodies and momentous drums in later sections. Overall, although this is the first I’ve heard from Chaleeda

I’m definitely going to be keeping my ears on her in the future.

With over 100k Instagram followers, it seems she’s already on her way to fame, and I’m sure the future will only take her towards new heights.