Candyland & Shoffy – Faces [Monstercat]


Candyland & Shoffy – Faces [Monstercat]

Another sweet little treat has recently been dropped by Santa Barbara native Josie Martin, aka Candyland. After becoming a solo act around the beginning of last year, Candyland would go onto release a dozen singles and remixes taking her brand to exciting new places. Following her last Louis The Child remix from a few months back, Candyland comes at us with ‘Faces’, a collaboration with vocal artist Shoffy on the notorious Monstercat label.

This track is the epitaph of futuristic dance music. The melody stays intact with a mesmerizing sawtooth pad whereas the energetic 808 bass drum patterns drive full force in a hybrid between trap, house, and everything in between. In addition, Shoffy nails it on the verse and pre-chorus sections with a dreamy performance that sinks the listener into a floating haze.

Something about this song screams “dance to me” yet is played off in a musically tasteful way, its something we’re not used to in dance music. Usually the melodically in-tact material comes off a little too dreamy whereas the danceable stuff is bland in harmonic content. Candyland paints a perfect bridge between songwriting in the track intro and club music with the song’s drop. Whereas one music lover might see a Flume inspired kick-back track, some club DJ might envision this as a big drop in their next performance. It’s cut with a solid balance and we can’t help but applaud Candyland for really hitting us off guard with this one.

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