Bruises by NGHTMRE & Grabbitz


Bruises by NGHTMRE & Grabbitz

In a beautiful blend of their own personal styles, NGHTMRE and Grabbitz hit us with “Bruises”. This melodic bass track delivers intoxicating vocals that you’ll catch onto after only a couple of listens, and then won’t be able to stop singing! Its glitchy drop into a massive chorus line accompanies a deep bassline and powerful, distinct drums.

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“I was honored to be able to work with Grabbitz on this one. It’s such a beautiful song and ended up exactly how I imagined it to be!” – NGHTMRE

“It’s tough to pinpoint, but the raw emotion and high energy came together just right. It’s the perfect blend of our styles.” – Grabbitz

With both on tour, you have a very good chance of hearing this banger played live.

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