Bronze Whale’s ‘The Shape of Things’ LP Captures 3 AM Feels


Bronze Whale’s ‘The Shape of Things’ LP Captures 3 AM Feels

Bronze Whale is excited to announce the release of their new LP The Shape of Things out now on their own label Magic Magic. Penned over a series of studio sessions in Los Angeles, Denver, and their hometown of Austin, Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley have perfected their nocturnal tone replete with uplifting chopped vocal acrobatics, catchy rhythms, and aqueous electronic flourishes.

From the J Dilla-indebted “Warm” to the Flume-fanning “Cruising” and the tabla-tastic heartbreak of “Burn Me,” their new LP is a dynamic and captivating collection of chillstep that accurately conveys the laidback, atmospheric feeling of 3 AM. The Shape of Things demonstrates the evolution of the talented duo’s sound that they have described as a mixture of “sexy whale noises” and “computer sounds.”


Bronze Whale recently began a metamorphosis of their style and sound, bringing a lyrical component and challenging their work in a way that has never done before. Fusing together a myriad of genres including electronica, indie pop, hip-hop, and R&B, and their inspirations in and out of music the duo effortlessly navigates the challenges of being a team and brings forth genuine songs that speak from the heart. Over the course of the past five years, the talented duo’s journey has led them to work alongside powerhouse electronic names such as Adventure Club and Felix Cartel as well as garnered them worldwide attention from the likes of SiriusXM Chill, Entertainment Weekly, and DJ Mag. Be on the lookout for big things from this talented duo who has already performed on the stages of major festivals such as Splash House, Float Fest, and Corona Capital.


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