BRLY LGL Takes it to a New Level with “Ghetto Embellishment”


BRLY LGL Takes it to a New Level with “Ghetto Embellishment”

BRLY LGL are showing us how it’s done and are wasting no time in the process while making a resounding first impression. We covered “Real Talk” back in December and the production duo have not lost a bit of steam since the winter. Now coming in hot with “Ghetto Embellishment”, BRLY LGL are doing some establishing of their own in the music industry. It won’t take long for you to figure out that BRLY LGL are doing things a bit differently and to much appreciation. Their hybrid combination of Trap, Hardstyle and a bit of straight up insanity makes up for a fantastic array of satisfaction.

The Los Angeles and Las Vegas based duo has been grinding away in the studio these past few months and are ready and destined for big things in 2016 to match their growing repertoire of hard hitting rawness. As the year warms up and the intensity of their productions continues to soar, it will only be a matter of time before BRLY LGL is no longer able to be ignored.







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