BRLY LGL Lays it Down With”Real Talk”


BRLY LGL Lays it Down With”Real Talk”

BRLY LGL has some “Real Talk” for the electronic music industry. The duo has made a statement and have made sure you don’t soon forget. Consisting of Hannah Bo and Rob De LargeBRLY LGL is doing things differently and separating themselves from the rest of the pack. With the hard hitting and blood boiling “Real Talk,” BRLY LGL shows us just how far the envelope can be pushed in production. Their weapons of choice comes by way of two of the rawest and dopest styles today, trap and hardstyle. A collision of worlds and sonic frequencies fills the air as a new standard in hybrid electronic music production rises. This combination of trap and hardstyle is beautifully chaotic and sinister. With the hardstyle elements, one is motivated to try and take over the world. On the flip side with the second drop, the trap and 808s take over and will have you tearing sh*t up even more so. Riveting drops and gut wrenching trap infused buildups combined with a ferocious approach polishes the production off.

With the insane amount of energy already contained in the track, I can only imagine what would happen in a live setting. BRLY LGL has also made my list of producers to watch in 2016 so let this be your official warning to the chaos that will ensue. In the meantime let “Real Talk” takeover your mind, body and soul and take you to a place where heaven and hell collide.

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