A Brand New Way to Say Hello [WATCH]


A Brand New Way to Say Hello [WATCH]

In a Lonely Island-esque rap video to promote 22 Jump Street, now available on iTunes, Channing Tatum is going to tell you all about his new way of saying hello, the Dick Graze. A strange intro cameo by Diplo leads to Channing spitting rhymes about how proper hand shakes and fist pounds are played out, oh, and how, obviously, it’s just for guys. Because a girl grazing a guys dick would just be inappropriate. Jullian, most recognizable from her role on Workaholics, is quick to correct him and educate him on the women version of this naughty new greeting, the Tit Graze. So, no matter your gender, you’ve got a brand new way to address you coworkers tomorrow morning.


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