Brand New Balkan Bump: Funk Edition


Brand New Balkan Bump: Funk Edition

Will Magid, also known as Balkan Bump, has a new track out for us that delivers on the promise of a truly funky beat.

Magid’s combined passion for music, producing, and global culture has provided us with Balkan Bump’s newest track, Give me Something to Funk, featuring Kelly Finnigan. The song is pure fun and begs to be enjoyed amongst friends on full-volume. Give Me Something to Funk begins with distinctive horn sounds that command your attention. Balkan Bump then layers in some groovy guitar as keyboardist Kelly Finnigan from psychedelic soul group Monophonics comes in on the track belting, “I wanna give you my, I wanna give you my, I wanna give you my love.” It’s marching beat sends you to a 70s funk inspired state of mind and with Balkan Bump’s electronic twist, it’s going to be an undeniable hit during his fall tour schedule.

Catch Will Magid as Balkan Bump playing alongside artists such as Gramatik, CloZee, Beats Antique, and Russ Liquid across the US for the remainder of summer and into the fall. These are the shows you go to if you just want to straight up dance. These are the shows you go to if your ear craves an interesting sound, or if you want to be mystified and surprised by music that floods your senses. I’ve never been to the Balkans nor studied Balkan music, but Will Magid takes us there. It’s his adventure as much as it is ours, and that’s what makes his music a worthwhile listen.

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Written By Morgan Kaufer

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