Bounce Generation: Hard Bouncy Fresh Sizzling Beats from Down Under


Bounce Generation: Hard Bouncy Fresh Sizzling Beats from Down Under

Subcategorization of EDM genres can seem like an exercise in futility. But to any die-hard candy kid, techno, tech house, and house are three, distinct styles. In the past year or so, a new genre has speakers across festival grounds bumping. Even hipsters-paradise Coachella got its fair share of “Melbourne Bounce” this year. Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis and, most notably, TJR have been capitalizing on what bounce music has to offer in their sets.


The genre has been picking up steam in Australia since its inception only a few years back. More impressive is how american DJs and audiences have begun embracing bounce music in what seems like a matter of a few months. Who doesn’t know The Chainsmokers smash hit #Selfie that has distinctive bounce influence like it’s thumping 128 BPM syncopated bassline? Keep in mind the music video alone has over 80 millions views on YouTube and is frequently played on nationally syndicated radio stations.

Post by TJR.

Whether or not Melbourne bounce has popular music crossover charisma is tentative. Yet, there is no doubt that EDMers all over the US are downloading tracks like “Bounce Generation” by TJR and VINAI, “Yee” by Deorro, “RAVEOLOGY” by DVBBS and VINAI, or a more big room bounce fusion tracks like “Flashlight” by R3hab and Deorro. There’s a dance-ability aspect as well as an uplifting quality about bouncing. Hussle Records, a Sydney Australia based label, has been releasing a number of top-notch bounce artists’ work such as Will Sparks, Uberjak’d, Taco Cat, J-Trick, and Timmy Trumpet to name a few. When you sit down and formulate your summer playlist in the upcoming weeks, throw a bounce track or two in for some reprieve from the big room sound.

~Gregory Tedesco

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