BENTZ & Kayoh Drop ‘Hol Up’


BENTZ & Kayoh Drop ‘Hol Up’

BENTZ and Kayoh may not be household names yet, but that’s soon to change as their bass heavy trap bangers take the world by storm. Daruma recently debuted their latest single which was a collaboration between these two artists. ‘Hol Up‘ is a complex ensemble of various atmospheres and sample cuts that drift in and out of the song. It builds and drops into a relentless jacked up chorus that makes use of distorted bells and a catchy ‘Hol Up’ vocal phrase. The breakdown is brief but effective into transitioning into the 2nd chorus where the manic bells and vocal make their return. ‘Hol Up’, now a free download, is a revolutionary trap anthem that’s sure to take dance floors by storm in the near future.

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