Beats & Pieces Vol. XXVI


Beats & Pieces Vol. XXVI


Hello and welcome to the 26th edition of our weekly Beats & Pieces! This series is very special because it gives a different Daily Beat writer the chance to share their favorite jams with you every week. Last week, Garrett Hoppin showed you his love for all types of music with his playlist which included genres like hip-hop, electro house, heavy bass and more. This week, we will dive deep into the bass music spectrum with some well-known bangers, as well as some underground, deep bass that will make you want to dance.

1. Space Jesus – M Night Shambhala

Space Jesus is well-known for his deep, heavy bass music and he is currently thriving in the music industry. With over 137 thousand plays on SoundCloud, M Night Shambhala quickly became a hit. Space Jesus’ fan base has been growing rapidly over the past few months, and he is going nowhere but up. M Night Shambhala is the song that grapples you in and makes you want to turn up the volume. It begins soft and mysterious before the bass comes like soldiers entering a battlefield. It is loud, deep and makes me want to dance.


2. TroyBoi – Don’t Be Judging

TroyBoi has created his own genre which he refers to as “My Style” and it draws you in to make you want more. He has made collaborations with Diplo, Flosstradamus and more, while also being part of the electronic duo, SoundSnobz, with icekream. Don’t Be Judging is a funky, upbeat jam that also experiments with changes in bass lines to switch it up. TroyBoi has referred to this track as being “blessed” by his hero, Michael Jackson, and there is a separate Don’t Be Judging (MJ Edition) which features Michael Jackson’s vocals.

3. Chark – Astronaut

Chark is new to the dubstep world, and he is quickly rising to the top. He will be performing at a Basslanta event in Atlanta alongside um.., Gnar Gnar, and others in September later this year. His new track, Astronaut, is full of deep wubs, and also gives the listener an experience of heavy dubstep. It’s a fun track that get’s the listener up on their feet.

4. Minnesota ft. G Jones – Thunderdome

Minnesota and G Jones are one of the best duos to happen to dubstep. They perform b2b shows often, and they have collaborated on various tracks such as Thunderdome, Be Alright, Blast Off, and Indian Summer. One of their most well-known tracks, Thunderdome, was released in 2014 and has since then acquired over 253 thousand plays on SoundCloud. This song is edgy, upbeat and I can never seem to skip it when it comes on shuffle.

5. um.. – do it for the kids

Um.. makes bass-infested music that hooks their audience in. Do it for the kids uses crickets for the background sounds during the drop, and this duo uses the crickets in an artistic way to enhance the bass sounds and make you want to get on your feet. Um.. is quickly climbing their way up in the bass music spectrum and they utilize weird sounds to their advantage to grace the ears of their many listeners.

By: Rebecca Victory

Artwork by the great Voodoo Bownz