Beats & Pieces Vol. XIX


Beats & Pieces Vol. XIX

Welcome, fellow music fiends, to another edition of Beats and Pieces, brought to you by the one and only, Dom. With 2016’s emotionally exhausting dump of new music thrown upon us by artists ranging from Kaytranada to Skepta to Radiohead, I understand what you are all going through. However, this is my chance to throw in a personalized playlist of music that I think is wonderful and you should listen to anyways, maybe in between your album binges. Think of this playlist as the ginger to your sushi; it’s a nice pallet-cleanser with fresh, yet classic offerings. Without further adieu, here is a compilation of songs that give you a little whiff of the diversity Daily Beat staff’s taste has to offer.

1. Graves & iNT3L – Death Meadow

I couldn’t imagine introducing my first Beats and Pieces with anything else but with a pure banger. Graves, formerly known as Christian the Lion x Glitchd-k, and Los Angeles based producer iNT3L, came together to codify Death Meadow. When dissected, the track might sound confusing and meddled, but how they brought the pieces together truly embodies the power of cooperating sounds. The track samples obscure and intriguing vocals from Bot Tudo Nela by MC Magrinho. Nonetheless, the song goes off under any circumstances, and you should definitely keep tabs on both Graves and iNT3L.

2. txso – angeles crest highway (txsoedit)

Oh how I reminisce about Angeles Crest Highway: my home, my place of escape, my drive with no destination. If I could keep the service for more than 10 minutes driving up, this track would definitely be on repeat. The ambience and serenity that are emanated from the powerful and soothing melodies of this song truly embody the beauty that is, what the suburban Los Angeles locals like to call it, The Crest. Angeles Crest Highway is as spooky and desolate as it is free and relaxing, and the song exemplifies the many depths of this road better than any other song I’ve heard.

3. Damn Kids – Anxiety

Let me give you a fair warning: this is no typical college house party song. You must mentally prepare yourself for the madness that encompasses this track; the heat doesn’t stop, not even for a second. Damn kids is a producer notoriously known for his deep, melodic and steady trap. However, this track nudges at his harder-hitting side and definitely makes me excited for all of his future releases.

4. Polish Prod. X DJ Eggo – Citradelic

I wouldn’t expect anything less funky and bass-filled in this track released by Polish Prod. And DJ Eggo. The song transcends beyond your average listen; its smooth come-up and bass-to-the-face drop leave you drowning in a trance that will have you thirsting for more of their music – and quite possibly some Citradelic. Its unique sound of consistent, yet unsteady bass and an eclectic concoction of sounds are closely reminiscent of merely any of BLEEP BLOOP’s tracks. Stay on your tippy toes for any new releases from either of these artists; I know I will.

5. Shadient – In Time [Shadient Remix]

Alas, a dramatic finish to your listen. 18-year-old producer Shadient is distinguishable among the masses due to his intense and powerful take on sound that is unlike any other artists that I have come across. In this track, Shadient originially drew from artist FKA twigs’ song, entitled ‘In Time.’ Shadient holds the eeriness and pensiveness of the original track while throwing down a hard and completely unexpected twist for the drop. The bass and strength of this song are incredible. If Shadient could musically commence my life every day, I wouldn’t complain.

Thanks for dabbling in my area of music expertise. I hope you all enjoyed listening and reading as much as I enjoyed sharing these tunes with you. Catch you later!

Written By: Dominika Wilczek

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