[Premiere] French Duo Bastion Drop Their Explosive Crystal Remix EP


[Premiere] French Duo Bastion Drop Their Explosive Crystal Remix EP

French house duo Bastion is back with a follow up to their Crystal EP from two months prior. This new follow up is none other than a remix package of that EP and we’re more than excited to premiere its release.

Bastion’s music takes inspiration from Justice, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Madeon, Bob Sinclair, however it contains a unique edge when it comes to sound design and composition, often sounding very retro-future in nature. The Crystal EP contained five tracks ranging from ambient musical scores to ones with pulsating disco house beats that nestle finely in between blistering basslines and warm chords.

Their latest Crystal remix EP contains ‘Radium (ft. Pink Feathers)’ Jules Field remix, ‘Twisted Love (ft. Bobby Saint)’ Billboard remix, ‘Another Universe (ft. Katelyn Tarver)’ Suken remix and of course ‘New World (ft. Whitemary)’ Fibre remix.

Each remix is equally enjoyable containing elements from various different genres. Fibre’s remix of New World and Jules Field’s remix of ‘Radium’ easily stand out as the heavier tracks from this remix EP while Billboard’s ‘Twisted Love’ remix and Suken’s ‘Another Universe’ remix embody a more down tempo relaxed vibe. Bastion’s Crsytal remix EP is highly anticipated release and a perfect follow up to the original one by the Paris based French house duo.

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