B-RIDDIMZ- Rookerie Ruins (M!NT Remix)


B-RIDDIMZ- Rookerie Ruins (M!NT Remix)

DJ/Producer M!NT, who you may know from opening for KOAN Sound and Minnesota for the North American Tour or even more recently for his Brandy – I Wanna Be Down mix, released his most recent track just yesterday. Music blogs such as Run The Trap, have already jumped on as fans of M!NT for good reason. However, this isn’t to say that M!NT’s style is strictly under the trap umbrella and we see this with his latest remix for B-RIDDIMZ’s ‘Rookerie Ruins.’ The track demonstrates M!NT’s growth as an artist yet still, embraces that melancholic sound we are getting to know him for. So what can we really categorize M!NT as? Well, let’s see what else he brings our way.

In the meantime, take a listen below and if you’re headed to BangOn!NYC with me this weekend, you’ll find its a friendly tune to prep with before our 12-hour party.

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