Aviation Industry By Day, Music Producer By Night: Notaker


Aviation Industry By Day, Music Producer By Night: Notaker

St. Louis based music producer, David Nothaker – alias Notaker – has a knack for producing a distinct, emotional, and immersive style of dance music. By emphasizing art that dives beneath the music alone, his music always tells a multi-dimensional story — in the form of mystical artwork, intricate visuals, and enthralling music videos. In tandem with continuously pushing the boundaries of his productions, Notaker leads an interesting double life. An aviation scientist by day, he leads a life more multilayered than your average producer.

His career in aviation science simultaneously kicked off with the onset of his interest in music. What started as a casual musical interest quickly turned into a deep fascination and now fuels an impeccable work ethic only seen in the most dedicated of artists. The self-taught producer is no stranger to spending ten to twelve hours a day meticulously shaping his records into finely tuned pieces of sonic art, while also holding a demanding day job in aviation science, which entails meticulously analyzing aviation data that is used in GPS and autopilot systems. Having nearly eight years of experience writing music, Notaker’s records are amongst the cleanest and most unique in the sphere of electronic music today. Having released monumental records on iconic labels including Armada Music, Monstercat, and mau5trap, he has proven himself to be one of dance music’s most promising acts.

Notaker balances his time-consuming career along with his musical production while managing to find time to spend with close family and friends. Notaker’s music continues to evolve as he refines and develops his production style. For other DJ’s who aspire to make it in the industry while also holding day jobs, Notaker has just one word of advice, “Keep focused on your music and achieving your goals, trust the people you’re working with, and don’t worry too much about what everyone else is doing.”