[Premiere] ASDEK – Show Me Up


[Premiere] ASDEK – Show Me Up

The name ASDEK has already begun to resonate with many in the EDM community as a brand and duo that isn’t afraid to push limits of unpredictability. Where as some might categorize these guys under the genre of bass house, I personally give them way more credit for not relying on dubstep wubs to push across their ideas of gritty house music. ‘Show Me Up’, ASDEK’s latest monster out now on Pinnacle Collective, only drags the dance floor deeper into their world of unforgiving dance music.

The track starts off with a juicy melodic progression led by a bass line and vocal chops that slowly creep in; it almost sounds like they’re emerging from water. The bass soon becomes dense in overdrive yet cut out in the low end to lead way for an intense breakdown and buildup. Of course my favorite part of this track is the drop and not because it gives off an immediate melody and rhythm to latch onto, like the majority of EDM tracks do, but rather it drops with subtlety making each bass hit and reverberated percussive element add to an overall groove that is straight up infectious. From sample selection to sound design and even melodic content, ‘Show Me Up’ displays an extremely unique angle to house music and gives us another reason to put ASDEK at the top of our list for artists to keep an eye on.

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