Arty Reworks Ed Sheeran’s Newest Hit, and It Is Awesome


Arty Reworks Ed Sheeran’s Newest Hit, and It Is Awesome

The amount of stars making their way into the world of electronic music is increasing by the day, and soon, Ed Sheeran will be receiving a remix by a young producer on the rise. Making full use of Sheeran’s iconic vocal tone and soft melodies, Russian DJ and producer Arty crafts an entirely new and immersive take of “Bloodstream,” Sheeran’s collaborative hit single with UK group Rudimental. Emphasizing the mellow atmosphere of the music, Arty reworks the delicate beats and shimmering acoustics to take the track even further into thoughtful, emotive territory than Sheeran’s original.

With his full length album coming later this year on on Insomniac & Interscope’s new joint label, Arty is a force to be reckoned with at just 25. He has already been featured on Mixmag, SiriusXM and MTV. He has also been a steady fixture on the festival circuit, playing at EDC, Nocturnal Wonderland, and many more popular festivals. In conjunction with his acclaimed podcast series Together We Are, Arty will be hosting and curating his own stage during Miami Music Week. Arty’s remix of “Bloodstream” is available March 30 on Asylum Records. Check out the stream below, and as always, happy listening!

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