Artist Spotlight: Tasty Treat


Artist Spotlight: Tasty Treat

TastyTreat is a powerhouse duo hailing from the San Luis Obispo area that has been taking the internet by storm with their unique, vibrant sounding beats. Being members of one of the most recognized future beat collectives, Hebinomichi, the duo releases music that covers a wide sonic landscape, with heavy future bass sounds influenced by trap and a other sub-genres of EDM. Being apart of such an innovative collective means that TastyTreat also has the opportunity to work with other top notch producers, which you can see from their huge list of collaborations up on SoundCloud.

It’s safe to say that these guys have been killing it with all of their latest releases and not to mention have achieved success on tour as well. You could see TastyTreat playing big festivals such as Lighting in a Bottle, Coachella, and Gem & Jam just to name a few. It’s always a treat to listen to their “Electronic Drake Music” and I am glad to be seeing that the duo has been successfully touring the U.S. the past few months.


In case you are looking to experience some of the freshest future beats on the west coast, I highly recommend that you go check out TastyTreat as they open up for Hug Life this coming Thursday at The Yost in Santa Ana! White Rabbit Group‘s Havoc Thursday events are some of the wildest parties in SoCal and this coming show will be no exception so grab your tickets here and stay tuned for our follow up on the event!



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